Friday, 20 February 2009

Getting very busy with the card making - just sent a box of cards off for the troops in Afghanistan as I do every month. Have to make two Mother's Day cards in the next few days.
I volunteer for a few hours each month in my local WI shop in return for selling my cards, yesterday I picked up two orders, not for cards but for handknitted dolls clothes and socks. Knitting is something I can do in the dark evenings, unlike card making which needs proper daylight. So best get busy.


Kevin & I are going to see the Cornish comedian Jethro at our local leisure centre at the end of April, we just love his sense of humour and while I know he is not everyone's cup of tea we like him. I love anything/anyone un-pc.
Managed to book two tickets last evening and the show is already sold out - so he is still popular after all these years.

Very much into embroidered and beaded cards at the moment so here are a couple I have made recently for various challenges and birthday list ladies. I hope they were well received as I so enjoyed making them.

Away on my boat this weekend

Getting really excited, we are away on our beloved narrowboat from this Sunday for a week's holiday. Hope the weather will stay as calm as it has been this week. I don't mind the cold if the sun is out and the frost is about as long as it is not wet and windy, then it is horrible trying to steer a boat with no shelter from the elements.
Planned our trip this time from our marina at Alvechurch south of Birmingham across to Lapworth on the Stratford Canal, can't go any further as there is a maintenance stoppage at the lock flight there, so we will turn around head into Birmingham city and on to the Black Country Museum for a couple of days. This is a fascinating place full of olde worlde buses, trams, old shops and for someone of my advancing years.!! is somewhere I feel so at

This is my first attempt at linking to another talented crafter's blog, so take a look at Leann's blog and who knows you may win some goodies -