Friday, 20 February 2009

Getting very busy with the card making - just sent a box of cards off for the troops in Afghanistan as I do every month. Have to make two Mother's Day cards in the next few days.
I volunteer for a few hours each month in my local WI shop in return for selling my cards, yesterday I picked up two orders, not for cards but for handknitted dolls clothes and socks. Knitting is something I can do in the dark evenings, unlike card making which needs proper daylight. So best get busy.


Beryl said...

Hi Linda,
Looks like you've got the hang of things nicely here. Love your boat header.
Beryl xx

Rainbow Lady said...

Looks even better now LInda. Just been reading Kevin's blog too. Very interesting. Love Cynthia x

craftypixie said...

Great blog and fab cards the pic of your shared Narrow Boat
will save your blog and come back and look again
Wendy xx

Brenda Scowcroft said...

I forgot to ask you when you visited. Where do you send your cards to for the Troops. I've been meaning to do it for some time and now I can't find the details. Thanks