Thursday, 26 March 2009

My first outing of the year to sell my cards and I decided as the weather was so good on Sunday last to travel the 30 miles or so to Exeter Livestock Market and set up a stall there. Got off to a flying start and sold 20 plus cards before 8am. By the end of the morning I had sold 110 cards as well as some junk brought from home.
I am so pleased with this as this was a brand new venue for me and I was a bit unsure how it would go.
Being Mother's day I did sell at least 20 cards to lads, I made a conscious effort not to make Mother's Day cards as such, but when asked for them offered the box of blank cards and stuck a 'Happy Mother's Day' peel off on for them. That way I do not get left with loads of cards no use until next year.
Lots of ladies asked if I would be there next Sunday, but looking at the weather forecast my trip south looks in doubt. I will go again, roll on the next fine weekend.


Brenda Scowcroft said...

Congratulations on selling all your cards. Did you enjoy yourself?

CraftyLin said...

Hi Brenda,
Apart from the 5am start and the cold it was a lot of fun. I met so many lovely people and took orders for the following week. I think this will become a regular outing.