Wednesday, 21 August 2013

La Pashe - New CD - Something For Everyone

Another of my favourite companies - La Pashe produce quirky hand drawn artwork with comic style characters and this new CD is lovely...there are lots of trades on this new CD - from the Policeman to the Army to the Teacher and lots of situations suitable for everyone.
I was asked to make a card that had to have the legend - Shop till you Drop and lots of shoes so this decoupage set from the CD is just perfect.
To achieve a real depth on the card when I print out the decoupage I always print it twice - once on a matt paper and once on a glossy photo paper. The base layer is the matt paper and I add the decoupage - in this case the shoes and they really leap off the card - there that's my top tip for today.  Keep all the spare bits not used on this card as they will be enough to make another card....waste not want not...
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